This young lady ran shy of trade out Hyderabad, what auto-rickshaw driver did with her will make your day

Hyderabad: This story reveals to us that there is no lack of good individuals on the planet.

The young lady’s name is Varijashree Venugopal. She was in Hyderabad for a visa meeting when she ran shy of money. What’s more, this is was the time when the auto driver helped her.

Here is FULL TEXT of the post composed by Varijashree Venugopal on her Facebook profile:-

“This is Baba, an auto driver in Hyderabad. Baba spared my day.

I was here for a visa meeting, and shy of money by two or three thousands. I required around 5000 for the visa expenses and had only 2000 and odd.

We went by around 10 to 15 ATM focuses, with no good fortune. Appeared as though there was an odd issue with all ATMs in Hyderabad. I even asked for a couple stores with ATM machines, on the off chance that they could swipe my card and give me money, however futile.

Baba detects my weakness and offers me 3000 out of his investment funds and says ‘Madam aap isko utilize karlo aur baad mein inn ke paas vapas kardo, koi baat nahin’.

I was overpowered by his demonstration of consideration and was brimming with appreciation for this man I never met. He magnanimously helped an aggregate outsider. I was moved.

Yes, God shows in the most weirdest and excellent ways. Another life lesson learnt regular! I am regarded to discover a companion in you, Baba. Much obliged to you for advising me that mankind is the best religion of all.”

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