Haryana government crushing legal framework: Supreme Court


New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday slapped a cost of Rs 5 lakh on the Haryana government for documenting an interest against a high court arrange after over five years saying it is “crushing” the legal framework by “explicit abuse” of the procedure.

The seat likewise including judges D Y Chandrachud and S K Kaul stated, “It is a suitable situation where state government needs to crush the legal framework. Ample opportunity has already past that now we force cost of Rs 5 lakh on each of your petitions for recording such petitions.”

The seat was irritated that state government in the wake of moving toward six unique gatherings has now come to Supreme Court with a case which is time banned and after more than five years.

The court additionally pulled up the advice showing up for the state government for not encouraging to advance in Supreme Court.

“You have been moving toward six diverse legal gatherings which did not have purview to attempt these cases and now you are under the steady gaze of Supreme Court. Why did you not exhort your customer this is impossible,” the court inquired.

The pinnacle court was hearing a case identified with work issues in an interest recorded by Haryana State Cooperative Labor and Construction Federation Ltd.

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