Disillusioned with ticket conveyance, Congress and BJP specialists join AAP

NEW DELHI: Amid disobedience in BJP and Congress, more than 20 party specialists with a sitting BJP councilor joined Aam Aaadmi Party on Wednesday. The BJP specialists who exchanged sides were working the gathering at the grassroots level and asserted that they cleared out the gathering since they were baffled with the determination of possibility for civil decisions.

AAP functionary Dilip Kumar Pandey said the joining of BJP and Congress specialists mirrors that discontent runs somewhere down in both the gatherings. “The general population are anticipating bolster AAP’s straightforward governmental issues which has regular man at the focal point of its legislative issues,” he said.

AAP which discharged its tickets ahead of time and figured out how to control the resistance the appropriation of tickets activated is attempting to angle in the insubordination in Congress and BJP.

On Tuesday Congress grassroots level laborers from Chandni Chowk joined AAP. The turncoats included Jamal Anjum, general secretary of Congress Chandni Chowk unit other than 12 other gathering laborers.

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