Kuwait Bans 5 Muslim-Majority Countries, Including Pakistan

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait has suspended the issuance of visas for nationals of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

After US President Donald Trump’s official request restricting seven Muslim-dominant part nations last Friday, the Kuwaiti government has told would-be vagrants from the five prohibited countries to not have any significant bearing for visas, as it is stressed over the conceivable movement of radical Islamic psychological militants, Sputnik International revealed.

Under the official request marked by Trump, outcasts from everywhere throughout the world will be denied US passage for 120 days while all movement from supposed “nations with psychological warfare concerns” will be suspended for 90 days. The nations incorporated into the US boycott are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

Kuwait was the main country to forbid the passage of Syrian nationals before Trump’s official activity. Kuwait City already issued a suspension of visas for all Syrians in 2011.

A gathering of psychological militants besieged a Shia mosque in 2015, slaughtering 27 Kuwaiti nationals. A 2016 overview led by Expat Insider positioned Kuwait one of the most noticeably bad countries on the planet for exiles, fundamentally because of its strict social laws.

As an individual from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Kuwait has turned out to be entangled in raised pressures between the GCC and Iran. Washington has been an underwriter of GCC security since the mid 1990s, as per a Congressional Research Service brief.

Eyewitnesses have called attention to that the majority of the countries on Trump’s rundown have generous Muslim populaces and are encountering some type of financial or military clash.

Source:- NDTV


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